In May 1986 the Sailors’s Memorial was constructed in memory of The Men and Women of the Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserves, The Royal Canadian Navy Reserves, Women’s Royal Naval Service, and the Merchant Navy.

          The sailors Memorial was built by the Vancouver Naval Veterans Association. Designed by Thomas Osborne of the V.N.V.A. The land located at the Waterfront Park was made available by the Mayor, J. E. Loucks, and the Vancouver City Council. The major construction was done by North Vancouver City. All plaques and bands were done in porcelain, by members of the VNVA. The monument is a Compass Rose Sundial. At each Cardinal Point is a plaque mounted appropriately on a large stone. One to the Royal Canadian Navy, one to the Merchant Navy, one to Captain George Vancouver, who named Burrad Inlet, and one to the Citizens of North Vancouver. At the bottom and surrounding the Compass is a porcelain band, with line drawings of each Canadian ship which were lost during the second World War (1939 – 45). On the north side are the words, “At the going down of the Sun and in the Morning we will remember them”.

          On the South side of the monument area, a porcelain plaque contains the names of the men who were lost. Under the plaque on the south wall, in large bronze letters is the name SAILORS POINT.

          On the North side of the monument area stand four flags, the Canadian Flag, the Navy White Ensign, the Canadian Red Maritime Ensign, and the British Columbia Flag. Under the flags is a floral anchor.

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